Presto for the Enterprise - Video from the Boston Hadoop User Group

Last month, Localytics hosted the Boston Hadoop User Group for an evening presentation titled Presto for the Enterprise. Presto is an open source, distributed SQL query engine for running queries on top of multiple data sources. Matt Fuller and Kamil Bajda-Pawlikowski from Teradata gave the audience a tour of Presto and Teradata's contributions to its development. We captured a video of the presentation and Matt posted the slide deck; you'll also find them embedded at the bottom of this post.

This presentation is great for anyone interested in Presto that has yet to try it. The talk covered the following:

Thanks to Matt, Kamil, and Teradata for presenting and sponsoring pizza! For additional perspective from Teradata, check out their blog post titled Bringing Open-Source Presto to the Enterprise.

From the perspective of Localytics, we're interested in technologies that have the potential to unify different data sources, providing the necessary query planning and execution environment to do higher order computations. Presto is one such technology, and so is Spark (which we wrote about in Spark, Whistling Past the Data Platform Graveyard).

If technologies like Presto excite you, you should consider joining Localytics on its mission to build the best app marketing and analytics.

Embedded video:


Boston Hadoop Meetup: Presto for the Enterprise from mattsfuller

Thanks again to everyone that made this presentation happen.